Generally your Mini-split system will be dependent on your room size, and you will need to have a higher BTU/h number unit for larger rooms and facilities. A very helpful tool that we offer is our BTU calculator. By clicking here you can find out your specific room and footage requirements based on several variables and the calculator will make a recommendation based on a very approximate value because we measure things such as 

  • Region
  • Space (sq.ft.) 
  • Ceiling Height
  • Insulation
  • Sun Exposure
  • Window Airtightness
  • # of Occupants
  • Whether there is a kitchen in your facility
  • Extra Device heat wattage
  • Windows & Doors Air Tightness
  • Glass Room

However you do not need to fill out all pieces of information in order to receive a recommendation!

Once you feel comfortable with your recommended equipment capacity, you can find matching products in our catalogue that match the equipment capacity recommended to you. 

We wish you all the best when it comes to deciding what size is best for your Mini Split System, and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to Contact Us!