In the quest for year-round comfort, the Cooper&Hunter 14,000 BTU Duo Hose Portable AC and Heater stands out as a versatile, efficient solution. Ideal for spaces up to 550 sq. ft., this unit promises a seamless blend of cooling and heating, ensuring your living environment remains perfect, regardless of the season.

The Efficiency of Dual Hose Design

The Cooper&Hunter portable AC/heat unit introduces an innovative compact dual hose design. Unlike traditional single-hose units, this model features a hose-in-hose system for intake and exhaust, enabling quicker cooling and heating. This design not only improves air exchange efficiency but also makes it a superior choice for larger spaces.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Energy Saving

Leveraging the latest in variable-speed inverter technology, this portable ac two-hose system operates on significantly less electricity. Whether you're cooling down on a hot summer day or warming up during the chilly months, you can do so without the worry of skyrocketing energy bills.

Quiet Operation Meets Powerful Performance

With an optimized air duct duo system, the Cooper&Hunter model reaches full cooling speed in just 5 seconds, all while maintaining a quiet 42 dB operation. This makes it an ideal companion for bedrooms and living rooms where noise levels matter.

Versatility and Convenience

This portable ac window kit is not just about heating and cooling. It's a 4 in 1 multi-function powerhouse offering ventilation and dehumidifying features alongside. With a quick and simple installation process, and a pre-installed washable filter, maintaining this unit is as easy as using it.

Connectivity and Control

Embrace modern convenience with the wifi portable ac feature, allowing you to control your climate from anywhere. The included remote control and window kit further enhance user experience, ensuring that managing your home's temperature is always at your fingertips.


The Cooper&Hunter portable mini split ac unit is more than just an appliance; it's an investment in comfort, efficiency, and ease. With its innovative features, eco-friendly operation, and user-friendly design, it stands as a testament to what modern technology can achieve in home climate control. Whether you're looking to cool, heat, ventilate, or dehumidify, this 1 ton portable ac unit is equipped to handle all your needs with unmatched efficiency.

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