How easy to assembly a Mini-Split Multi-Zone System?

Choosing a Cooper&Hunter multi-zone mini split system can be difficult since these systems have many options, such as: the number of indoor units, the type of each indoor unit (Wall Mount, Ceiling Cassette, Slim Duct, Mini Floor Console, Universal Floor Console), the length of the line set for each indoor unit, the size of the line set, etc. We understand - so we’ve set up a system to make the selection of goods as simple and convenient as possible. The most popular sets of multi zone systems are presented on our web site SouthMiniSplits, but for those who need a specific assembly, we provide three selection methods for a convenient purchase.


1. Customize of popular sets.

Select the required number of zones from the main menu.

For a more advanced search, use the filters on the left side of the page. In ready-made multizone sets, after the description of the product, you can select the required length of the lineset and the quantity for each indoor unit. Depending on the power of the indoor unit, the size of the line set is different. Information about what size line set is suitable for a particular indoor unit is in the description for each multi zone listing. This will guide you to select the correct line set(s) for your system. Keep in mind that, by default, the base price for the systems does not include the installation kit.


2. Selection by choosing from separately prepared units.

Go to the CUSTOM page from the main menu.

Add a Outdoor Unit of the required power to the cart. After that, find the required type of indoor unit. Select the required length of the line set from the list of options and add the product to the cart.

Follow the procedure with the indoor unit for each zone.


3. Use the Product Builder tool.

For advanced users and technicians, we have created the Product Builder tool. With this tool, you can create a unique set that best suits your needs, choosing from all possible units and line sets available. Selection is carried out by alternately selecting components from top to bottom. Keep in mind that the designer does not give hints if the selection of outdoor and indoor units is not correct or compatible, nor about the size of the line sets, since it is designed for professional users who have this information.

To start building your own set go to:

Create a Dual Zone System

Create a Tri Zone System

Create a Quad Zone System

Create a Penta Zone System

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